快火落油起鑊 (Heat the pan with oil in high heat)

tonytsang and kareny recipy
快火, 就係指開大火
落油起鑊, 就係話加油到鑊, 由他燒熱
其實有幾種唔同做法, 有人會先加油才開火, 有人會先燒紅個鑊先加油
前者, 比較適合易潔鑊, 後者比較適合生鐵鑊或其他鐵性鑊

tonytsang and kareny recipy

Heat the pan with oil in high heat
High heat refer to maximum heat provided from the cooking element.

There are two way of heating the pan with oil.  One is heating the pan and the oil on the same time.  The other way is just the heat the pan first.  Then add oil once the pan is fully hot.  The first method is more suitable for non-sticky pan.  On the other hand, the second method is more suitable for iron or stainless pan 

tonytsang and kareny recipy

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