開菠蘿的技巧(Craving the pineapple)

1- 先將菠蘿橫切開1/4
1- Slice off 1/4 of the pineapple

2- 我用刀, 插到最深, 但小心不要弄穿菠蘿, 再沿邊一路戒開
2- With a small knife, cut the pineapple along the edge of it.

3- 然後用鐵湯匙一匙畢出菠蘿肉
3- Use a spoon and take the pineapple out

4- 菠蘿殼完成, 頭同尾三角形係因為那個地方係根, 不用浪費時間將佢取出
4- The pineapple boat is done.  Do not touch the top and the bottom part of pineapple as they are too hard to remove.


3 則留言:

  1. Wow! Amazing!
    Are you living in HK ro Vancouver?
    [版主回覆11/10/2008 23:44:00]None of above.  I am living in Montreal

  2. I will try that next time.
    [版主回覆11/12/2008 00:29:00]that's good.... let me know if you have any question

  3. 我就快去溫哥華長住, 我從無入廚經驗, 請問按照你的食譜, 我能否可以煮到你所教的美食? 謝謝
    [版主回覆11/20/2008 22:43:00]你肯煮的話, 應該無咩問題, 係調味方面, 要按自己口味作出調教